Why We Choose To Race

During the dull winter months, the intrepid members of the Byte Marks racing team - like most LeMons racers we're quite sure - enjoy loading up our Rigby rifles, strapping on our pith helmets, kissing our sweethearts goodbye and heading off on a good, old-fashioned, rum-soaked safari. Why there's nothing more exciting than traveling to a faraway, exotic country, trampling its lush undergrowth and peppering its wildlife with .416 calibre ammunition. I must say its an adventure most capital! This year, however, proved even more extraordinary than usual. Whilst a-hunt in the darkest, most penetrating recesses of seductive Africa, we lads came across a beast most terrifying. Almost as powerful as 70 horses, with the grip of nearly 28 enraged hairless cats and possessing the downforce of a rather decent-sized mob of meerkats, the team had unwittingly come in contact with that most illusive creature... the DAK-CAR-I!! Striped like a zebra, with the head of a turkey and the bone-chilling whoop of a wounded badger, the DAK-CAR-I arms itself only with the fowl stench emanating from its hind quarters. Well, like all strapping lads we knew we must trap this incredible specimen. So, to make a long story short, we tied Andrey's girlfriend, Faye, to a tribal alter, waited for the hapless DAK-CAR-I to fall madly in love with her, pumped the brute full of tranquilizer, shipped it to America in the hold of a tramp steamer, suffered a unfortunate setback at the Empire State Building and since have brought the magnificent DAK-CAR-I here for exhibition in the middle west. We do most sincerely hope you'll allow us to thrill you with DAK-CAR-I's symphony of unusual parts and indescribable odors.

With a most resounding "Huzzah!", yours sincerely,

The Byte Marks Expeditionary Society

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A new beating heart

We've successfully swapped our ruined engine for one that actually runs!

Now for the other important stuff we have to prepare for our July race: making sure the cars turns as well as it goes forward.

...I really hope we don't have to do an engine swap at the track...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Byte Marx Behind the Iron Curtain

The PeoplEScort! is being built in the utmost secrecy. But here's something to pique your interest.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Tired of watching dudes weld. Tired of asking Mr. K what I can do next. Tired of metal shavings in my hair and the smell of burnt insulation (or whatever that was). Tired of masking, spraying, stickering, and hand-painting numbers. Tired of building a race car. What I REALLY want to do is RACE A FRICKING RACE CAR! 4 DAYS!!

Photos from the last build weekend

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cage & Paint

Way too busy to write much. Suffice it to say, the cage is slowly making its way into the car - it's a bit like a pretentious modern dance piece, in fact - and the paint is starting to go on. And the '89 Mercury Tracer is beginning its rebirth as the 89 Martini Chaser.

See Photos

Concept Art 2